At a glance... BP 70/2

Head Size

120 x 120 x 80


70 x 70 x 300mm


Standard size
Max. 4 No. Outlets

Stock colours




  • The BP 70/2 Pedestal is designed to be mounted to a bench top where wall fixing is not possible.
  • Suitable for cayegory 6 data cabling.
  • The BP 70/2 Pedastal housings are fabricated from mild steel with edges welded and ground smooth to a quality finish ready for powder coating gloss white (standard colour)
  • The upstand column is a "squound" shaped extruded aluminium section, invisibly secured to the bench with a metal foot plate having 4 off M6 studs 45mm long.
  • cable access is via a 50mm access hole in the foot plate.
  • Designed to accommodate 8 No. standard size outlets and can be segregated for power and Voice / Data.
  • This product has been examined in accordance with AS 3000 and A.C.A. requirements.
  • Made in Asutralia

"Easy as ECD"


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