At a glance... FFD 150/35
spacerSize 152 x 35 mm


Floor Box Mounted


Extruded Aluminium
spacerCover Galvanized steel



  • A fully accesible system suitable for commercial and light industrial applications.
  • Extruded aluminium body with removal screw fixed galvanized steel covers. Covers are pre-punched and counter sunk.
  • Supplied with leveling / joining brackets prefitted to duct body.
  • Leveling / joining brackets provide facility to adjust duct height.
  • A full range of flush floor cross-over and Tee junction boxes are available.
  • This product has been examined in accordance with AS 3000 and conforms to A.C.A. requirements.
  • Other sizes available to order.

"Easy as ECD"



Installation FFD 150/35
Installed into a preformed recess provided by the builder, being 225W x 45D at duct locations and 425W x 90D at junction locations. Once duct is installed and levelled to floor level the builder is required to grout the installation.

Suggested specification

  • The contractor shall allow to supply and install "Electric Cabled Duct Systems P/L" Cat No: FFD 150/35, Flush Floor Duct System (152x35mm), generally in accordance with the manufacturers technical publication and as identified on the plans and specifications of the project.
  • The body shall be extruded aluminium with removable pre-punched and counter sunk, galvanized steel covers.
  • The system shall be complete and workable system including levelling bracket, stop ends, access inspection ports, and floor outlet boxes.

Parts List


Part No

Duct Body ‑ 3m lengths

FFD 150/35

Duct Cover ‑ 1.2m lengths

FFD 150/35-C

Cross-over junction box

FFD 150/35-X

Tee junction box

FFD 150/35-T

90 degree bend junction

FFD 150/35-B

Access inspection ports

FFD 150/35-AP

Stop End

FFD 150/35-SE

Floor Outlet Box (low)

AFB 70

Floor Outlet Box (high) AFB 20
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