At a glance...EL 15050C
Size 150 x 50


Standard Size
"Centre Mount" Format

spacerStock Colours

Grey, Black, White, Natural Anodised
spacerSuitable for Category 5A, 6, 6A Cabling




  • Suitable for Category 5A, 6 and 6A data cabling.
  • Secure "Clip In" cover (also available with "Drop In" cover).
  • Optional divider (2 or 3 division).
  • Extruded aluminium body and cover.
  • All outlets centrally mounted (suits power packs)
  • Deep die-cast power shroud (easy fitting)
  • Spacious data "fit-off" zone.
  • Die-cast external/internal bends
  • Conforms to AS3000 and ACA requirements
  • Non standard powdercoat colours available
Suggested Specification
  • The contractor shall allow to supply and install "Electric Cable Duct Systems P/L ECD "ELITE SERIES" Cat no. EL15050C Skirting Duct with "Clip In" cover (150mm x 50mm) surface mounted or as otherwise nominated and as described below.
  • The body of the duct and the cover shall be extruded aluminium pre-treated and powdercoated to a standard colour (White,APO Grey, Black or Natural Anodised) or as nominated by the architect.
  • The system shall be earthed in accordance with AS3000 wiring rules and conform to A.C.A requirements.
  • The Internal/Extrenal corners shall be fitted with die-cast bends or site mitred.
  • Adjacent lengths of duct body shall be splice joined with slide in joiner plates.
  • Slide in stop ends shall be fitted where necessary.
  • GPO's shall be mounted to the duct using GPO mounting kits including die cast shroud, earth wire and punched front cover. Power circuits within the duct shall be double insulated cable.
  • Daya outlets shall be mounted to the duct body using data mounting kits including data shroud and punched front cover.


Part No


Duct Body and clip in cover incl. joining kit‑ 3m lengths


Nominate colour

Divider (optional) for 3 division


GPO Kit (Clip In) c/w die-cast power shroud


Nominate colour

Data kit (Clip In) c/w data shroud


Nominate colour

Internal/External Bend (Die-cast)


Nominate colour

Stop End


Nominate colour

Flat Bend Plate


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