At a glance... CM 200/50/3
Size 200 x 50mm


Standard Size
"Centre Mount" Format

spacerStock Colours

Grey, Black, White, Stone Beige
Suitable for
Category 6 Cabling


  • A jumbo sized skirting duct designed specifically to accomodate bulk cabling requirements for both power and communications.
  • Suitable for Category 6 data cabling.
  • The largest skirting duct available, ideally suited for use in "call centres", "info tech facilities" and "research institutes".
  • The ECD "Centre Mount" range of skirting ducts allows for all outlets to be terminated in the equipment fit‑off zone providing an attractive symmetrical arrangement in "centre mount" format.
  • Ferrous mounting shrouds the full depth of the duct body allowing maximum space for outlet termination and screening.
  • Duct and covers are powder coated finished. Standard colours are Black, White, APO Grey and Stone Beige. Over 50 non‑standard colours are available.
  • This product has been examined in accordance with AS 3000 and conforms to A.C.A. requirements.
  • Accomodates RCD or Surge Protected Outlets without the use of mounting blocks.

"Easy as ECD"

Suggested Specification:

  • The contractor shall allow to supply and install "Electric Cable Duct Systems P/L" CM 200/50/3 "Centre Mount" skirting duct with "Snap-Fit" extruded aluminium cover (200x50mm) surface mounted or as otherwise nominated and described below.
  • The system will reflect the integrated voice/data cabling requirements of Category 5 & 6 and have ferrous mounting shrouds for both power and voice /data outlets. Outlets shall be standard size Clipsal, HPM or PDL Type.
  • The body of the duct shall be extruded aluminium pre-treated and powder coated to a standard colour (White, APO Grey, Stone Beige, or Black) or as nominated by the architect. The duct cover shall be extruded aluminium pre‑treated, powder coated to match.
  • The system shall be earthed in accordance with AS3000 wiring rules and conform to A.C.A requirements.
  • Bends shall be site mitred to fine tolerances with concealed reinforcing angles riveted in position or alternatively manufactured internal/external bends . Adjacent lengths of duct body shall be splice joined with slide in joiner plates. Slide in stop ends shall be fitted where necessary.
  • Installation shall be performed by experienced duct installers, generally as described on E.C.D "Recommended Installation Procedure" leaflet.

Parts List


Part No.


Duct Body ‑ 3m lengths

CM 200/50

Nominate Colour

Duct Cover ‑ 3m lengths

CM 200 C

Nominate Colour

GPO Mounting Kit only (No GPO)

CM 200/50 K

Nominate Colour

Voice/Data Mounting Kit only (No bakelite supplied)

CM 200/50 VDK

Nominate Colour

Internal Bend

CM 200/50 IB

Nominate Colour

External Bend

CM 200/50 EB

Nominate Colour

Reinforcing Angle (Site mitred bends)

CM 200 RA


Stop End

CM 200/50 SE

Nominate Colour

Flat Bend Plate

CM 200 FB

Riser to Skirting Tee CML 200/50 RT Nominate Colour
Angled Data Face Plate VDCAT 6 Nominate Colour
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